The Brisbane Institute undertakes research, holds events, publishes commentary, and acts as an advocate for community engagement on issues and arguments that have not or cannot be raised by others, including the media.

In the past 12 months, we have helped citizens of the south east Queensland community to:

  • tackle the big questions Queenslanders must find answers to about our fuel, energy and infrastructure needs to take control of our economic, social and environmental prosperity in the Positive Energy Futures series.
  • Look to the future and see what new innovations are being explored to improve our lives.
  • Power up, understand and use social media.
  • Explore the challenges, opportunities and lessons for businesses operating in this growing city with global ambitions.
  • Express their views on population growth through the Our Future Your Say forums, with expert commentary from experts such as Bernard Salt
  • Learn how to help young people help themselves
  • Discover and engage with the business opportunities for Brisbane in becoming a green, smart and connected city
  • Learn about the opportunities and challenges emerging in planning for Brisbane’s position as Australia’s New World City