The lifeblood of Queensland’s economy comes from small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs)… and they’re powerhouses of ingenuity, initiative and innovation. But they also face challenges, particularly in our ever-competitive, globalised markets. Share some brave ideas for how small businesses can be better connected with their customers, more agile and more successful.

Featuring Kate Farrar, Chief Executive Officer, Q Energy, and Rob Hudson, Chief Digital Officer, GPY&R
rob hudson Managing Director of QEnergy, Kate Farrar, knows a thing or two about small business. She’s built QEnergy into one of Queensland’s most successful young companies, helping small businesses with their electricity costs.

Hear Kate’s brave idea for smarter small businesses – an idea that’s about a completely different sort of energy!

Rob Hudson is one of the world’s foremost innovators in emerging digital technologies and social media strategies – and he’s based right here in Brisbane! He works with businesses of all sizes, helping them succeed in our digital world.

And he has a brilliant, brave idea for how Brisbane’s small businesses can make the most of their common ingredient!

Two fabulous speakers, two brave ideas, and the chance to share your own experiences and challenges at our Brave Ideas for Smarter Small Businesses forum.


Where: 345 Queen Street, Brisbane
When: Friday 5 April, 12 noon – 2pm
Cost: $35 includes lunch; bring a colleague for $15!
Registration and pre-payment essential. To register, click here.