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Packed Lunch Series

This popular Packed Lunch Series returns to provide more terrific opportunities for networking and development for young Brisbane professionals.

Networks and Negotiations: How to talk your way into anything (and back out of it again!)
This event was held on Friday, 30 March, 12.15 – 2pm, Bleeding Heart Gallery and Café

Work/Life Balance: recognising it, finding it, keeping it
Friday, 23 November, 12.15 – 2pm, Bleeding Heart Gallery and Café

IQ: Ideas Queensland Series

Continuing on from our 2011 IQ series, we will resume the conversation about how we can put innovation, imagination, intelligence and ideas back into Queensland.

What is Australia for?
Tuesday, 8 May, 6pm – 8pm, Ship Inn South Bank
This event, held in conjunction with Griffith REVIEW, provided an absorbing discussion about national identity in a trying time of global transition and uncertainty.

“We’ll All Be Rooned”
Monday, 30 July, 6pm – 8pm, Bleeding Heart Cafe and Gallery
In this event, Senator Larissa Waters, the ABC’s Kelly Higgins-Devine and Griffith University’s Paul Williams explored ways to reverse the ‘cult of negativity’ in public discourse.

Steve Irwin Memorial Lecture
Monday, 13 August, 6pm – 8pm, Auditorium 1, State Library of Queensland
In conjunction with the University of Queensland Faculty of Science, the institute hosted its popular annual conservation lecture in honour of one of Queensland’s most effective and best-loved environmentalists. This year Dr Conrad Hoskin delivered the 2012 lecture. Dr Hoskin’s presentation focused on the diversity, evolution and conservation of Australian frogs and reptiles.

Small World: Postcards and Intelligence from Everywhere
Monday, 27 August, 6pm – 8pm, Bleeding Heart Cafe and Gallery
With Griffith REVIEW, we examined how the experiences of Australians abroad influence our public policy at home.

Foresights for Queensland
With CSIRO and some of Queensland’s leading companies, the institute has launched a two-year research project into the trends likely to affect Queensland over the next 20 years.

Supporting Resilience in Indigenous Communities – By Invitation
Research suggests the single biggest potential for improvement in the effectiveness of corporate and government initiatives to support Indigenous communities lies in closer coordination and collaboration between the organisations and communities they work to assist. There are many isolated and often small-scale Indigenous programs in education and training, employment, health and leadership development which demonstrate significant outcomes, but which fail to receive ongoing funding or to fulfil their potential in providing models for other communities.

The institute will host a series of forums to showcase some of these programs in conjunction with some larger, philanthropy-backed initiatives, and to identify principles and practices that increase the long-term effectiveness of partnerships with Indigenous communities.