Follow the mainstream media on any given day and you could be forgiven for thinking our world is full of problems.

Perhaps it is.

But at The Brisbane Institute, we believe our world is also full of opportunities. And we know from experience that our city, our state and our nation are filled with intelligent, informed, passionate people brimming with brave ideas for making our world a better one.

In 2013, we’re bringing you a year of Brave Ideas.

On the first Friday of every month*, we’ll present you with two outstanding speakers sharing their brave ideas over lunch. These forums aren’t for the faint-hearted, or for people who would rather leave the task of improving their own world to somebody else.

But if you’re keen to hear fresh insights, see new perspectives and change your world one idea at a time, join us!

Our outstanding speakers include Carolyn Barker, David Conry, Liz Crawford, Josh Creamer, Julia Davison, Stefan Hajkowicz, Gordon Hughes, Mary-Rose MacColl, Gerald Marion, James Morrison, Chris Raine and Rachel Smith.

*All events are held in the Brisbane CBD, from 12 noon to 2pm. Pre-registration and payment is essential.

Brave Ideas Program

Friday 1 February Brave Ideas for Brisbane
Launch by Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, featuring brave ideas from jazz legend James Morrison, Endeavour Learning Group CEO Carolyn Barker, CSIRO Futures Leader Dr Stefan Hajkowicz and KPMG’s Executive Search and Recruitment National Practice Leader Liz Crawford. You can see video clips from the launch event here.

Friday 1 March Brave Ideas for International Cities
Australians have always looked beyond our own shores and welcomed people from all nations and cultures. It’s what makes our country vibrant, young and rich. International students and their families are vital contributors to our economy and community, and provide us with valuable links to other communities and economies. Share some brave ideas for how we make Brisbane a more welcoming place for international students and make the most of their skills and knowledge to develop our new-world city.

Friday 5 April Brave Ideas for Smarter Small Businesses
The lifeblood of Queensland’s economy comes from small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs)… and they’re powerhouses of ingenuity, initiative and innovation. But they also face challenges, particularly in our ever-competitive, globalised markets. Share some brave ideas for how small businesses can be better connected with their customers, more agile and more successful.

Friday 10 May Brave Ideas for Working Cities
While technology increasingly offers us the potential to work from anywhere at all, it seems our cities are busier than ever if traffic congestion is any indication. Share some brave ideas for travelling, communicating and using energy, water, waste and other resource infrastructure in ways that will change our world for the better.

Friday 7 June Brave Ideas for Accessible Cities
Our “ageing population” is almost a cliche. But as we’re all living longer, we’re all growing older, and more of us are living with disabilities. We want services and resources that offer us choices, convenience and freedom. Share some brave ideas for making Brisbane more accessible.

Friday 5 July Brave Ideas for Future Leaders
As the baby boomers head into retirement, our next generations are stepping up with their own ideas for the futures they want for themselves and their children. Share some brave ideas with some of our most innovative and dedicated young leaders.

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