Are journalists overstretched and under-resourced? Or just lazy? And how is the media shaping, and shaped by, its audiences’ opinions? This month’s Brisbane Line explores the changing role and influence of media and its relationships to news, commentary and public opinion, and asks how YOU are driving the changes.

It also introduces our brand new format, combining local perspectives on a topical issue with links to background reading from across the country and around the world, to help you make up your own mind. We look forward to your comments!

Lazy Journalism

Like governments, do we get the media we deserve?

Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance: Life in the Clickstream – the Future of Journalism (please note, this is a large PDF file and slow to download; opens in new site)

Ben Eltham in The Drum: After the Fact – Adventures in New Journalism (opens in new site)

Crikey: Rejuvenating Journalism in a Jaded Age (opens in new site)

Peter Beattie: News Cycle Exhausting Pollies (opens in new site)

David Penberthy in The Punch: Tanner’s One-Sided Sideshow Lets Pollies Off the Hook (opens in new site)

if:book Australia: The Golden Era of Journalism (opens in new site)

Ben Eltham in Kill Your Darlings: Climate Change and the State of Australian Journalism (opens in new site)

The Australian: Staff, Union Shocked by Job Losses at Fairfax (opens in new site)

Dom McInerney in The Punch: We need a change in climate in the Australian media  (opens in new site)


Next month: Is our public health system dead on the table?