In this issue:

Doing Better for Young People;

Suicidal Behaviour in Youth;

Adolescent Angst and the Search for Transcendence;

A Focus on Youth is Key to Tackling Homelessness


Doing Better for Young People

There are varying perceptions of the situation of young people in contemporary society. Significantly, the perceptions of young people often differ from those of adults but are not always included in debates about the issues. In this article, Elizabeth Fraser argues for the importance of including young people in the discussion and being clear about the facts that are available.

Suicidal Behaviour in Youth

Suicide in young people represents one of the most tragic of all societal concerns.  It is not only a dreadful cutting short of life, but also a terrible misfortune for affected parents, siblings, friends, and communities. In this article, Jacinta Hawgood outlines what we know about the vulnerability of young people to suicidal behaviour and what we can do as a society to prevent it.

Adolescent Angst and the Search for Transcendence

Satisfying the universal need for transcendence appears to be more challenging now than it has been in times past. Adolescents are particularly affected, as they struggle to establish an independent way of being in the world. Here, Maggie Dent considers why questions of being and identity have become harder for today’s young people, and how adults could provide a lending hand.

A Focus on Youth is Key to Tackling Homelessness

Tackling youth homelessness is critical to meeting the commitments made by the federal and state governments under the national homelessness strategy, writes Elizabeth Cullen.