Queensland Foresight

A research collaboration between The Brisbane Institute and CSIRO

In 2010, CSIRO delivered Our Future World, an analysis of global trends, shocks and scenarios that will affect us all. The report describes the outcomes from a CSIRO global foresight project, which identified five interrelated megatrends that may redefine how we will live in this world:

• More from less – a world of limited resources

• A personal touch – Personalisation of products and services

• Divergent demographics – Older, hungry and more demanding

• On the move – Urbanising and increased mobility

• iWorld – Digital and natural convergence

However, what could these global trends, shocks and scenarios mean for us on a local level?

In 2012, The Brisbane Institute is proud to be working with CSIRO to produce Queensland Foresight – a rolling, two-year syndicate project to map the trends, signals and uncertainties facing us at a local level over the next 30 years and identify plausible business and social scenarios.

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