The Brisbane Institute’s Research Committee is a multidisciplinary, cross-institutional committee chaired by Professor Alan Rix, with nine other esteemed Australian research professors. These include:

Dr Lynne Armitage, Associate Professor of Urban Development, Bond University

Professor Kerry Carrington, Head, School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology

Professor John Cole, Director, Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development, University of Southern Queensland

Professor Stuart Cunningham, Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology

Professor Mark Dodgson, Director, Technology and Innovation Management Centre, University of Queensland Business School

Professor Greer Johnson, Director, Griffith Institute for Education Research, Griffith University

Professor Graham Schaffer, Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, University of Queensland

Professor Patrick Weller, Director, Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University

Research Committee Terms of reference

The committee’s terms of reference describe its purpose, which is to:

  • provide guidance and advice on potential research projects, initially based around the institute’s main themes of innovation, resilience, sub-tropical living and health;
  • identify key future issues for Brisbane and Queensland and provide input into the Institute’s future agenda;
  • ensure that all research undertaken under the purview of The Brisbane Institute is rigorous and scientific in nature;
  • make certain that research conducted by the institute will have some value to Australia; and
  • oversee the research fund account.