Building Safety

Building Safety Advice and Guidelines – Brisbane Queensland

Building safety is extremely important for both contractors and property owners.


Safety Guidelines for Building Contractors

Those working in construction sector must understand the many risks they face during their daily jobs. In addition, they need to know that accidents can lead to fatalities and injuries. This means that they have to follow safety guidelines that all building contractors should abide by to enhance the employee’s safety. Here are some vital safety guidelines for the building contractors in Queensland, Australia.

  1. Trenching and excavation

Working in any excavated trench can poses numerous risks such as accidents that can cause fatalities. Contractors must have evacuation trenches that would enable them escape the danger places in times of danger or threat when constructing in Queensland. These dangers may be:

  • Fire threats
  • Electricity faults
  • Water damage
  • Earthquakes

With the best preventive measures, you can save lives when working as a contractor.

  1. Electrical Lines

Working on the electrical lines can poses challenges to contractors especially if the task is right overhead electricity lines. To prevent any falls when doing electrical wiring & related electrical tasks, a fall arrest system and guardrails can be used together with ladders and safe scaffolding.

The OSHA compliance & general safety

  • OSHA should ensure that the working environments for workers are safe
  • Employees must always wear reflective jackets
  • Employees working in any building site should put on helmets.
  1. Fall protection

We often advise those people working in those places raised above a meter to be careful whenever they are providing construction services. For instance, they must have fall protection kit to help them reduce any potential risk of falling when working. They should also have helmets when working in a building site.


  1. Safe work technique statements

All Building Contractors should have evidence on ways of minimizing their exposure to these risks when providing their services. These things include:

  • The risk of a person falling from the raised places
  • Working on the telecom towers
  • Tasks involving the use of explosives
  • Working in one confined space
  • Working on a precast concrete
  • Working on the projects, which needs alteration of structures


All building Contractors should have a fire assembly point in case of a fire outbreak to enhance safety.

If you are in the building industry it is best to contact your local council to find out more about the local Health and Safety Guidelines.