Top 5 Diy Plumbing Hacks

The Best Domestic Plumbing Hacks

Hiring a plumber every time you need something repaired in the house can be very expensive. You can be sure that some of these things happen so often, you get sick of calling the plumber. Take a leak or a dripping water pipe for instance. A drop of water becomes a gallon in a very short while if the drip is continuous. This will waste your water and the money that you spent paying for it. And that’s not all. The leaking water can cause damage to your floor and the humidity might sometimes make your walls to be discolored and even cause mold to develop. Keep in mind sometimes DIY plumbing won’t be enough to solve your plumbing problem. If the problem requires special plumbing tools you’ll be better off calling a licensed plumber. Local companies like Pro Plumber Brisbane provide 24 hour services, 7 days a week. So if you don’t keep like turning a wrench and getting wet on the weekend, call in the professionals.

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Here are some eight DIY plumbing hacks that you may find useful.

Five DIY Plumbing Tips (Hacks)

1.  How to unclog a drain

Drains can be a nuisance. They block every other time because of the hair and other debris that pass through them. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent a drain from blocking, unless you never drain anything, because even water on its own can cause clogging because of calcium deposits. However, the good news is this is fixable though:

  • Pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the drain. They react very wildly when combine, making it able to clear out the drain.
  • Unscrew the pop up drain, (if there is one) and remove whatever was causing the clog and screw it back on.

2. How to fix a leaking or dripping water pipe

Whenever there is a leak in the house, nothing good can come out of it. Not only can it leave stains, but the dripping sound is extremely annoying. Luckily, a leak can be fixed using simple methods on your own.

  • Try to rotate the ball valve, because the problem could be that something got a little loose.
  • If the first tip did not work, maybe you need to replace the O-ring. Remove the body of the tap using either your hands or a spanner, and you will see the head of the washer. Screw it off and reach for the O-ring, then remove it with a screw driver. Once it is off, put in the new once and apply some lubricant (optional) before putting the washer back.

3. How to fix a shower head

Because we sower every day, and even more than once each day, showers cannot are most likely to need fixing at one point or the other. They are also very easy to fix too. Unscrew the shower head, clean out the threads on the shower arm using a brush and install the new shower head.

4. How to fix a garbage disposal

Many things can cause the garbage disposal to have problems with the way it works. Here are a few tricks to fix it.

  • The GFI might have tripped, or the disposer might have stopped. Try pressing the reset button for each.
  • If the disposer is jammed, use the jam buster tool and turn the hex fitting back and forth at the bottom to loosen it and fix the jam.
  • For objects that have fallen inside the disposer, unplug the disposer, get it out and put it back in. this will allow the disposer blades to go back to spinning freely.

5. How to fix low water pressure

When you have low water pressure, the problem could be that the aerator is getting some calcium build up. Remove the water outlet and clean the aerator of the calcium and put it back in.


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Every home has a challenge that involves draining. Some of these challenges can be recurring to a point where you feel like they are normal and you have to live with them. If this is the case call a professional plumber or it will cost you in the long run. Remember, if you have a serious plumbing issue, you will need to call a licensed plumbing contractor. It is illegal to fix some things in your house so make sure you verify that it is okay to fix them. Fixing something without being certain of your abilities might only make it worse so do not try to prove a point. Make sure that you have the correct plumbing tools and do not wear something you like.

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